cryogenic machining:
ICE-COLD excellence

Cryogenic Machining

Unlike Cryogenic Systems of the past, 5ME® Cryogenics is an easy to use, low cost technology. Rather than spraying the liquid nitrogen (LN2) at the tool or submerging the entire workpiece surface in nitrogen, 5ME’s technology internally cools the cutting tool using low-flow rates while maximizing the cooling capacity of the LN2.


5ME Cryogenic Machining Technology is the next step in advanced machining. This breakthrough technology uses a system to deliver liquid nitrogen (at -321° F) directly to the cutting edge enabling substantially faster processing speeds and increased tool life compared to conventional cooling methods.

Making Difficult-to-Machine Materials Look Easy

This technology utilizes vacuum jacketed feed lines to deliver small flow rates of liquid nitrogen (LN2) through the machine, through the spindle (or turret), and through the tool directly to the cutting edge. At this point, the LN2 is allowed to evaporate and cool the cutting edge to -321° F. This super-cold state allows the tool to be pushed beyond its traditional limitations while still increasing its wear resistance against tough-to-machine alloys.


In addition to providing optimal cooling at the cutting surface, liquid nitrogen provides other advantages that can’t be matched. Economy, safety, efficiency, sustainability and cooling power benchmarks are achieved far more readily by liquid nitrogen.

  • Effective at low flow rates
  • Colder than CO2, oxygen, or conventional liquid coolants
  • Enviornmentally friendly – not a greenhouse gas like CO2
  • Non-oxidizing – no flammability risk
  • Economical: Lower pressure compared to CO2 means lower consumption