The Cryogenic System

Up close

The refined engineering and modular design of 5ME’s patented system makes it a flexible and practical cooling solution for almost any machining environment that requires the greatest possible efficiency, reliability, product quality, and throughput.

The Source

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) is stored in a central location and fed into the system. The system is self-pressurizing, eliminating the need for pumps and other power consuming assets. There are three options for storing the LN2:

  1. Individual machine storage in a dewar (a vacuum container that allows for insulated storage of the LN2)
  2. Cell-based storage with a bulk dewar vessel and feed “drops” to each machine via vacuum jacketed feed lines
  3. Central/external storage and feed “drops” to each machine

For high production installations, a cell based or centralized external storage system with “drops” to individual machines is recommended.

The Feed

The feed system seals out ambient heat and provides a cool -321° F liquid to its point of use. It does this by utilizing both rigid and flexible vacuum-jacketed lines.

The sub-cooler

The Sub-Cooler condenses dual phase flow back to liquid, removes “pressure generated” heat, and returns the LN2 flow back to -321° F. This prevents the formation of gases, allowing accurate liquid metering by the flow control valves, ensuring liquid nitrogen is delivered to the cutting edge. It can also start and stop the flow of LN2 and deliver it at a prescribed rate.

The Control

The control regulates the flow rate through the feed system and provides a human machine interface (HMI) for alert notifications. This is a programmable NC control-based system that allows the operator to adjust the flow rate and monitor the system functionality.

The Lance

The insulated lance system allows the LN2 to transfer through the spindle, turret, or ram without influencing the functional temperatures of critical machine components. The lance prohibits thermal cycling issues, which would otherwise affect spindle bearings.

The Tool

Patented 5ME Cryogenic Tooling is designed to specifically interface with the 5ME Cryogenic System. It insulates the LN2 and keeps it in its liquid form until it reaches the cutting edge, ensuring efficient use and optimal cooling at the point of the cut.