A Proven Partner in
Manufacturing Excellence

The 5ME Difference:

Better Processes. Better Business Results.

5ME creates its own success by generating success for our customers. We’re focused on meeting customer needs, exceeding customer expectations, and consistently delivering powerful, transformative business results that build their efficiency, profitability, and competitive strength.

About 5ME

As manufacturers face increasing challenges from agile competitors, capacity constraints, materials cost increases, and skilled labor shortages, there is an increasing need to maximize efficiency, quality, and profitability in order to survive in a rapidly-changing market. 5ME provides the expertise, innovation, and solutions today’s manufacturers need in order to build and sustain profitable, competitive businesses.

As the makers of industry-leading cooling and tooling technology, 5ME works closely with our customers to provide effective solutions that improve operations, capture additional profits, and make both products and businesses better than ever.

An Innovative, Analytical Approach to Manufacturing

5ME® Cryogenic machining systems are brand agnostic, allowing solutions to be applied to all types of machinery and manufacturing systems, enabling clients to maximize the value of existing resources and reduce the need for additional equipment expense.

Our clients experience these benefits:

  • Increased Profitability
  • Higher Productivity
  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Improved Quality
  • Lower Working Capital
  • More Efficient Machining of Challenging Materials
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Improved Worker Health & Safety

Additional Solutions to Serve the Entire Manufacturing Enterprise

FREEDOM™ Smart Manufacturing Platform – cloud-based software suite that seamlessly “Connects and Collects”™ production data from any industrial asset to dramatically help improve manufacturing efficiency and productivity. FREEDOM™ provides customers full transparency of manufacturing information in real time with reports and analytics for optimization of machine health, process health, and OEE from the shop floor to the top floor.

Learn more at https://freedom-iot.com.

Manufacturing Solutions – A comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing consumables, including:

  • CYCLO CUT® high efficiency cutting tools
  • Davis boring block tooling systems
  • ERIX spot-facing and chamfering tools

To learn more about these products and solutions, contact a 5ME manufacturing efficiency expert today.