Save Time and Maximize Profits

Game-Changing Machine Optimization

With Cryogenic Machining

5ME Cryogenics enables delivery of liquid nitrogen (LN2) through a machine tool in lieu of conventional coolant. This multi-patented technology revolutionizes machining by greatly enhancing the productivity of machines and reliability of processes while radically reducing waste. By providing optimization benefits across Performance, Sustainability, and Part Quality, this technology enables users to increase their revenues, decrease their costs, and maximize their profitability.


By moving the critical temperature of the cutting tool to the right, performance is enhanced with the ability to machine faster with increased material removal rates (MRR) and finishing speeds. These increases translate to reduced cycle times, which means more parts produced per month…more revenue per month. With increases in tool life, per part costs can also be reduced. Additionally, the ability to machine faster and longer, cryogenic machining technology opens the door to efficient machining of emerging materials that are harder and more difficult to cut.


Improving the health and safety of the workforce and the environment, cryogenic machining with LN2 is a green alternative to traditional coolants. Costs and hazards associated with coolant waste, water usage, and energy usage are reduced and eliminated. With a dry work area, workers have less concerns over fumes in the air, chemicals on the skin, and slippery surfaces. As an inert gas that makes up 78% of the air we breathe, LN2 is the future of sustainable manufacturing.

Part Quality

Influxes of heat into the workpiece from machining components dry or with traditional coolants has resulted in part quality issues that later need to be improved via secondary post processes. By keeping the workpiece cool and closer to room temperature, cryogenic machining has shown reductions in white / alpha layer, burr formation, residual stresses, and surface / grain boundary distortion. The result…a better finish, a better part, and less costs downstream.


With 5ME Cryogenic Machining, you…

  • Increase Revenues: ✔
  • Decrease Costs: ✔

When you combine increased revenues + decreased costs, 5ME Cryogenics provides our customers with the one thing that drives all business – MAXIMIZED PROFITABILITY!