Cryogenic Machining


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It’s not enough to just cut metal anymore; you’ve got to cut it smarter, faster, and more efficiently. You’ve got to think. You’ve got to adapt. And you’ve got to act. Because the truth is, slow and steady just doesn’t win the race.

In today’s hyper-competitive global environment, it’s not enough to walk the walk – you’ve got to RUN. 5ME provides the technology, tools, software, and insights you need to get your operations running smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

The -400 Degree Difference

5ME® Cryogenic Machining delivers an incredible -400 degree Fahrenheit cooling advantage over conventional cooling systems for greater quality, higher throughput, and longer-lasting tools.

How It Works

5ME’s breakthrough Cryogenic Machining Technology delivers outstanding cooling performance by applying supercooled low-flow liquid nitrogen (LN2) internally to the cutting edge. This maximizes cooling effectiveness, eliminates coolants, and provides an environmentally friendly machining solution.

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The Cryogenic Advantage

5ME Cryogenics is a transformational advancement in machining technology – and a powerful driver of quality, efficiency, and reliability improvement. 5ME Cryogenics exceeds the performance limitations of traditionally-cooled tooling, even as it eliminates many of its inefficiencies, risks, and costs. See some of the Cryogenic Advantages for yourself.

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The Cryogenic System Up Close

The 5ME System is a smart, efficient, expertly-engineered solution to the challenge of tool cooling. The cryogenic system’s components work seamlessly together to deliver maximum cooling power precisely to the cutting edge where it’s needed. See for yourself.

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High Performance Cryogenic Solution

5ME Cryogenics maximizes the performance and efficiency of your machines – and drives improved business performance. Reduced tool wear, increased material removal rates (MRR), and reduced cycle times in production add up to more reliability, less downtime, and maximized profitability. And that’s good news for your business.

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The 5ME Tech Center: Where Manufacturing Innovation Begins

5ME’s Warren, Michigan Technology Center is the home of Cryogenic Machining innovation – and the testing ground for the tools, technologies, and concepts that can solve your toughest challenges and transform your business. The Center’s real-world testing, design, development, and training capabilities help our clients drive innovation, explore new approaches, and improve competitiveness. See for yourself.

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