Heat management is one of the most critical aspects of the machining process – it’s one of the primary causes of cutting tool failure and significantly affects cutting speeds, which directly impacts feed rates and OEE.

Difficult-to-machine materials, like titanium, diesel iron, CGI as well as hardened and stainless steels, present an even greater challenge because of the very high temperatures created during the machining process. Since they’re increasingly popular for aerospace, energy, automotive, and other applications, the need for better and more cost effective ways of machining difficult-to-machine materials is a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have.’

Traditional Coolants and Difficult-to-Machine Materials

There are plenty of traditional coolant options available, such as oil, oil-water emulsions, pastes, gels and aerosols. However, since none of them are really designed to handle the high heat created when machining difficult-to-machine materials, the trade-off is reduced cutting speeds and reduced productivity.

A Better Solution: the 5ME Cryogenic Machining System

5ME’s patented cryogenic technology provides a -400˚F advantage when compared with traditional coolants. By bringing super-cooled liquid nitrogen through the tool, directly to the cutting surface, the system dissipates heat much more effectively. This significant difference is allowing customers to increase processing speed and can also increase tool life by a factor of 10X in some applications.

Customers are commonly using cryogenic machining on difficult materials like stainless steel and other hard alloys including:

  • Titanium
  • Diesel Iron
  • CGI
  • Carbon Fiber Composites

By better managing temperatures, 5ME cryogenic machining delivers a range of benefits beyond cutting speed including reduced white layer and reduced cutting distortion when machining 4340 high alloy hardened steel. It also contributes to a reduction in waste, as well as process and health and safety improvements.

For more insight on how 5ME’s patented cryogenic machining technology can help your operation run faster, greener and more profitably on difficult-to-machine materials, take a look at our latest infographic:
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