Safety in the workplace is essential in any industry, but it’s especially important in the manufacturing sector. As a plant manager or owner, you have to take many factors into account including the usage and disposal of coolants and machining fluids, chip debris, and more. If machining-specific precautions aren’t built into your processes, accidents can occur.

In fact, according to Health and Safety Executive, there were 70,000 self-reported non-fatal workplace injuries and 21% of those injuries included slips, trips and falls in 2014/2015 in the manufacturing sector.

With such a large number of injuries being reported yearly, it’s up to you to ensure your work environment is a safe and healthy one for your employees. Without their contribution, your plant floor would decrease in productivity and ultimately, your losses would increase.

That’s why on any shop floor where machining takes place, it’s best to use tools and systems that naturally take your employee’s safety into account. 5ME’s patented cryogenic machining technology is a great example.

5ME’s cryogenic machining technology is an environmentally-friendly green manufacturing system that utilizes liquid nitrogen instead of traditional coolants. With traditional coolants, health problems can arise when the coolant is mishandled and bacteria is allowed to grow and cause contamination.

5ME’s system cuts without coolant, so there’s no need for mist collection, filtration, or disposal of coolant waste. This also means that there’s no slipping and falling due to the accumulation of oils on machine surfaces or on the floor. Additionally, because there’s no aerosolized coolant , dermatological and respiratory issues are inherently reduced.

The differences between 5ME’s cryogenic technology and traditional machining methods can make all the difference in the way that your shop operates from both a performance and a safety standpoint. With 5ME’s patented cryogenic machining technology, your shop floor will be safer for your employees and you’ll decrease the chance of workplace illnesses and injuries.

When manpower, materials, machines, methods and money (the 5M’s) are optimized, you can be sure that your process is optimized. Each of these factors can help you evaluate your process and identify problems that are causing inefficiency.

Download our free infographic on the 5M’s of Cryogenic Machining to see if you’re getting the most out of your machining operations.

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