Meaningful Metrics Make Manufacturing Profitable

Measurement of processes, machines, and other assets is critical to a lean manufacturing plan. Without accurate measurement (and reporting) how will you know if your equipment is performing at its optimal level? Measurement of the following metrics will help keep lean processes on track and performing at their greatest efficiency and prevent bottlenecks.

  • Asset Utilization

  • Asset Availability

  • Performance

  • Quality

  • Plant Shut-Down Time

  • Scheduled Down Time

  • Delay Time

  • Repair Time

  • Not In-Cycle Process Time

  • In-Cycle Time

Measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The combination of availability, performance, and quality, OEE is the ultimate measure of a manufacturing process’ efficiency. This measurement quantifies how well a manufacturing unit performs relative to its designed capacity, during the periods it is scheduled to run. Carefully monitoring this metric will provide insight into how your materials, manpower, machinery, and methods are affecting your operations.

Measurements are no use if they are out-of-date or too in depth to provide any useful insight. Instead, metrics should be easily accessed in real-time, with useful analysis presented to a variety of audiences. Only when monitoring current trends will you be able to maintain maximum efficiency.

Powerful, Flexible Manufacturing Efficiency Software

5ME’s Freedom eWARE provides an all-inclusive software solution for monitoring OEE in real time from anywhere you need it. A comprehensive suite of brand agnostic software integrates with any asset to provide exceptional analysis with customizable presentation through any Internet-ready device. Connect your entire plant with a single system, or monitor a particular cell to prevent loss of precision.