The Role of Machines in Lean Manufacturing

Efficienct Machines Increase Plant Productivity

Each machine in a manufacturing process must be precisely designed, built, and programmed to perform its function with precision, reliability, and durability. Machines that are reliable, durable, and efficient create a truly lean manufacturing process.


You’ve got to have the right tools for the job at hand. Tools need to be reliable, durable, and flexible to provide the maximum efficiency for each process. For a complete tooling system solution, see 5ME’s extensive productivity solutions.

Work Holding

Workholding systems ensure tools are held more concentrically and accurately in the holder for greater precision and increased tool life. The result is a better finish, less processing, and increased cost efficiency. For a complete line of workholding solutions including air cool, liquid cool, and storage systems, contact a machine tooling expert.


Application engineering is critical to maintaining a lean manufacturing system. The best applications incorporate careful measurement and research with detailed knowledge of the full range of available technology to design an efficient manufacturing application. At 5ME, lean manufacturing application engineers develop and implement, and manage applications that incorporate every aspect of the machining process including:

  • Time Studies

  • Process Design

  • Tooling Selection

  • Application Programming

  • Program Installation

  • Process Training

  • Application Support

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Maintenance