Efficiency, Profitability, & The 5M’s

Profitable Manufacturing is rooted in the 5M’s of Efficiency: Manpower, Materials, Machines, Methods, and Money. Sometimes represented as a fish diagram, the 5M’s can be used to evaluate each process or problem in manufacturing to determine the root cause of inefficiency. At 5ME, we think of the 5M’s as direct influences on efficient manufacturing.

The Lean Mindset

Lean Manufacturing is a shift away from the traditional model of batch processing. Lean Manufacturing focuses on the process as a whole of machining a single part. In this way, steps flow continuously allowing for the manufacture of a single part or thousands in rapid procession. Lean processes hope to achieve a highly-efficient, waste-free operation, managing materials, manpower, and energy precisely. While eliminating the risk of keeping stock in advance of predicted orders, lean manufacturing is good for the environment, good for your employees, and good for your bottom line. By cutting costs and freeing resources, lead times are reduced, and both productivity and quality are improved. By adopting techniques that create incremental improvements in the organization, a significant improvement in efficiency is seen overall.

Learn more about how each element of the 5M’s effects the efficiency of your organization.