Save Time, Money & Space


How much more productive could you be if you had a tool management system you could depend on? Streamline tool management to improve inventory control, purchasing logistics, and save money. CYCLO CRIB is an innovative automated tool storage and dispensing system available in many different drawer and bin configurations. The system can be reorganized as the situation arises and your needs change. Store hundreds of different stock items in one compact cabinet – reducing floor space consumption!

Add-on cabinets are connected with the use of a simple cable. You can also have cabinets at different locations, all networked to one common database.

Cyclo Crib Tool Management System Features

CYCLO CRIB technology includes state-of-the-art features to make it the most efficient tool management system for any process.

  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Large Touchscreen
  • Dual Locking System — Each Drawer and Bin is Locked to Prevent Unauthorized Use
  • Plug & Play “Smart” Electronics — Accessible from the Front
  • Ergonomic Design — Sloped Back Design for Easy Viewing of Stored Items

Additionally, the CYCLO CRIB system is easy to transport and comes with a bar code reader for quick and reliable issuing. There is also a manual override so production never has to stop, even during a power outage!