Reliable, Durable, Affordable Spotfacing Tools


For decades, ERIX has been known for reliable and durable spotfacing tools. Small and efficient, ERIX is the tool to use when solving restricted space issues such as engines, turbines, and pumps. The flexible wings are replaceable making the tool an inexpensive option for automatic spotfacing applications. The tools come in a range of sizes making them an easy choice for a variety of machining applications.

Front & Back Spotfacing Product Features

  • Back Spot-Face Automatically
  • Eliminate Programmed Stops
  • Reduce CNC Machining Time by up to 90%
  • Solve Restricted Space Machining Problems

Front & Back Spotfacing Product Application

  • Front and/or Back Spot-Facing
  • Engines, Turbines, Pumps, Valves, and Road-Building Machinery