Speed and Reliability Your Bottom Line Can Count On

Davis_linebars400wDavis boring tools have been a trusted favorite for boring applications for nearly 100 years. Durable and reliable, the tools increase metal removal to speed the machining process. Inserts are available in a variety of sizes to fit any application. Special in-line designs are also available to customize operations.

Features of Davis Line Bars

This style of bar is supported by the machine spindle and requires outboard supports. The maximum length between supports should not exceed ten times the bar diameter.

Note: Additional support for either style bar can be obtained through supplementary external members such as antifriction bearings or bronze bushings.




Features of Davis Stub Bars

This style is supported only by the machine spindle. Its effective length should not exceed four times diameter of the shank gage line or bar diameter when boring with carbide or seven times the diameter when boring with super high-speed steel.

Davis Boring Tool Features

  • Cut up to Three Times Faster
  • Double Cutters for Balanced Chip Load and Taper-Free Bores
  • Presetting Holds Tolerances of +/- .0005”
  • Seven Block Styles can be Used in the Same Boring Bar

Davis Boring Bar Applications

  • Boring, Counter Boring, Facing, Chamfering, or Combinations
  • Vertical or Horizontal Boring Machines and Machining Centers
  • Stub or Line Boring