The Davis Boring Block Tool System

The Davis block-type boring tool system increases productivity and reduces tooling costs for vertical and horizontal boring machines and machining centers.

Up to 50% Lower Initial Cost

Your investment in tooling is far less because just five standard Davis bars handle all boring jobs from 1” through 12.5” diameter (less than half the number of conventional boring bars normally required).

Cut Three Times Faster

Two cutters cut faster than one. Feeds with Davis two-cutter blocks are up to three times faster than with single point tools – finishes are improved, too.

Greater Range of Operations Per Bar

Seven types of interchangeable, cutter blocks enable one Davis bar to handle multiple machining operations – boring, counterboring, facing, chamfering, and combinations of these operations. Bore ranges to 20” diameter available.

Balanced Chip Load Promotes Accuracy

The Davis system assures accurate, round taper free bores everytime – regardless of core shift or other irregularities. Chip load is balanced between the two cutters. The opposed cutting action minimizes the effect of tool wear and bar deflection.

Presetting Holds Tolerances of +/- .0005”

Davis adjustable tooling provides full presetting of both radial and axial accuracies, with tolerances of +/- .0005” on diameters easily held with normal care. Finer tolerances can also be achieved when required.

Fast Tool Changeover Improves Productivity

Most tool changing becomes simple block changing. With only two concerns – cutter block and taper locating screw – it takes just 20 seconds to change tools. There are no miscellaneous parts to assemble, no alignment to check. The Davis block type cutter system gets you back in the cut fast.