Increase Tool Life and Improve Total Indicator Reading


Ideal for large drills, carbide tooling, indexable tooling, and taps. CYCLO CUT® Tool Holders include a complete line of collet chucks, end mill holders, hydraulic chucks, face mill holders, and tap chucks for all spindle sizes in your machining center or special purpose machines.

CYCLO CUT® Tool Holders are available in standard and precision gripping designs. One such design is the CYLCO CUT® coated collet nut. These collet nuts have a unique coating for ample holding with less friction between the nut and the collet shoulder, and the tool holder threads and the nut. This creates more down force on the collet making it collapse around the tool shank to hold tighter. Therefore once a nut is tightened to specifications it takes greater torque to break free than other conventional locking nuts.

Indexable tool holders are designed for ideal distribution of CYCLO COOL® metal machining fluids which are proven to increase tool life as much as 200% over traditional coolants.


Other CYCLO CUT® holder offerings:

  • Complete Line of ER, TG Collets, and Collet Chucks
  • Complete Line of HSK, CAT, and BT Shrinker, Shell and End Mill Holders
  • Standard and High-Performance Induction Shrink Fit Units
  • CYCLO LOCK Anti-Pull-Out Holders
  • Tightening Fixtures