CYCLO CUT® Solid & Brazed Carbide, & HSS End Mills


CYCLO CUT® rotary cutting tools provide a full line of standard and high performance solid carbide end mills and drills with over 3,000 different sizes and lengths. The rotary tooling portfolio includes HSS cobalt and powdered metal end mills. These mills are capable of up to 8 hours tool life while machining high temperature alloys like titanium. CYCLO CUT® also includes a large selection of PCD coated tooling for composite machining, and a tool holder portfolio including CAT 40, CAT 50, HSK 63A, HSK 100A, HSK 125A, BT40 and BT50.

Rotary cutting tools are designed for ideal distribution of CYCLO COOL® metal machining fluids which are proven to increase tool life as much as 200% over traditional coolants.

Rotary Cutting Tool Features

CYCLO CUT®“Max-Flute” profile mills are high performance, high-flute density, solid carbide end mills that provide superior performance.

  • HSS_Cobalt_toolssm-sm.100” Wide Tooth Pitch
  • High-performance, Cobalt HSS Roughing End Mills
  • High-Helix, Brazed Carbide Finishing End Mills, Up to 60 Degree Helix
  • Standard Range of Carbide End Mills for all Metal Machining Applications

Rotary Cutting Tool Applications

  • High-Speed Finishing of High-Temperature Alloys
  • Deep Pocket, High Walls Finishing in a Single Pass
  • Extended Tool Life in Titanium Materials, Up to Eight Hours
  • Standard Applications Cutting Cast Iron, Steel, and Aluminum
  • High-Performance Trimming and Routing of Composite Materials