Superior Metal Machining Capacity


CYCLO COOL® 5ME Advanced Technology Series of metal machining fluids are a new line of resilient and flexible industrial manufacturing fluids created to meet both present day and future manufacturing challenges. These game-changing metal machining fluids are complemented by 5ME CYCLO POWER industrial cleaners with AUTO-FILL System, CYCLO ARMOR Corrosion Inhibitors for finished part protection, and CYCLO Lubricants. The family of CYCLO products provide facility managers with a comprehensive portfolio of process imprving metal machining fluids. These fluids are not only durable, but extremely flexible for a variety of metal machining applications and materials.

You can count on our complete line of CYCLO COOL® metal machining fluids and cleaners for all your machining needs, including:

  • Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Metal Machining Fluids for a Wide Range of Applications
  • Soluble Oil Metal Machining Fluids for Enhanced Machining and Grinding Performance
  • Tooling Specialty Products Including Water-Soluble Tapping Paste and Liquid
  • A Full Line of Production Cleaners, Corrosion Inhibitors, and Parts for your Equipment

Learn more about CYCLO COOL® metal working fluids by downloading our brochure.

CYCLO COOL® Metal Cutting Fluids

5ME Advanced Technology SeriesApplicationMaterialsProduct Type
CYCO COOL® 920Heavy DutyAerospace – ExoticsNeutral pH – Synthetic
CYCLO COOL® 514Light to ModerateFerrous and Non-FerrousSemi-Synthetic
CYCLO COOL® 520Moderate to Heavy DutyFerrous and Non-FerrousEP Semi Synthetic*
CYCLO COOL® 590EModerate to Hard Water StableFerrous and Non-FerrousMicro Emulsion
CYCLO COOL® 540HDHeavy Duty to High HeatFerrous and Non-FerrousEP Soluble, Low Foaming*
CYCLO COOL® 4100SevereFerrous and Some Non-FerrousCombination of EP Packages Emulsion*


CYCLO COOL® Low Foaming High Pressure Fluids

CYCLO COOL® 1700LFModerate to Heavy DutyMulti-MetalsGrinding, Boring, Reaming, Milling, TappingSemi-SyntheticNo
CYCLO COOL® 2000LFModerate to Heavy DutyMulti-MetalsMilling, Drilling, TappingSemi-SyntheticYes
CYCLO COOL® 590EModerateMulti-MetalsMilling, Drilling, TappingMicro Emulsion, Hard Water StableNo
CYCLO COOL® 3900LFHeavy DutyMulti-MetalsReaming, Boring, TappingEmulsion Soluble OilYes

*EP = Extreme Pressure Package

CYCLO COOL® Synthetic Ferrous Cutting Fluids

CYCLO COOL® 1000FEHeavyVarious Steel and Cast IronGrinding, Milling, Drilling, and Tapping
CYCLO COOL® 800CModerateCarbideMachining and Grinding
CYCLO COOL 700 FELightMostly Cast IronLight Machining and Grinding


CYCLO COOL® Synthetic Non-Ferrous Cutting Fluids

CYCLO COOL® 1100HeavyHeat Treated Steels, Inconel, Titanium, and Aluminum AlloysMilling, Drilling, Form and Cut Tapping
CYCLO COOL® 920HeavyAutomotive and Aerospace Series Aluminum and ExoticsMilling, Drilling, Form and Cut Tapping
CYCLO COOL® 910AModerateAutomotive and Aerospace Series Aluminum and ExoticsMilling, Turning, Drilling, Form and Cut Tapping
CYCLO COOL® 900LightAutomotive and Aerospace Series Aluminum and ExoticsMilling, Turning, and Drilling