Maximize Metalworking Fluid Efficiency With Proper Equipment

Prolonging the life of the metal machining fluid and optimizing its performance are very dependent on the controls of the metal machining fluid system. This control includes maintenance of the mechanical components (filtration), maintaining recommended concentration and removal of tramp oil as well as the proper metal machining fluid recommendation. The problems that beset metalworking fluids in central system applications are the same as those in individual machines, only the magnitude is greater. CYCLO COOL® equipment helps prolong fluid life by maintaining proper concentration and removal of extraneous tramp oils.

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Water-Powered Proportioning Pump

  • cyclo_fluid_equipcropLong Distance Mix Delivery
  • Durable and Accurate
  • Wall Mounted
  • Maximum Viscosity 500 SUS
  • 800” Lateral Max Delivery
  • 20” Vertical Max Delivery
  • 10-75 psi, Fittings: NPT ¾ In and Out
  • One Year Warranty with Pre-Pump Filter

Standard Metalworking Fluid Proportioner

  • 14 Metering Tips
  • Maximum Viscosity 500 SUS
  • 48” Discharge Hose
  • 25 – 75 psi

Bronze Metalworking Fluid Proportioner

  • Water Shut Off Valve
  • Solid Bronze Casting
  • Galvanized Steel Stand Pipe
  • 40” Discharge Hose
  • 25-75 PSI, Fittings and NPT 3/8 In and ½ Out
  • Life Time Warranty

CYCLO COOL® Oil Skimmer Units – Belt Skimmer

  • Steel Heavy-Duty Rigged Construction
  • Range of Belt Length: 12” – 60”
  • Self-Tensioning Belt on Hanging and Fixed Lower Pulley
  • Continuous Duty Self-Cooled Fan Motor
  • Can be Installed with an Integrated Timer

CYCLO COOL® Equipment

Mix Range %
Proportioner TypeGPMLowHigh
Proportioner Pump7.01.4012.0
Proportioner Pump12.04.7033.0
Proportioner Pump25.01.6013.5
Bronze MWF Proportion3.00.0025.0
Bronze MWF Proportion10.00.007.0
Bronze MWF Proportion4.80.2522.2

CYCLO COOL® Oil Skimmer Units

Skimmer TypeAccessReachCapacity
Belt Skimmer2.0″12.0″1 gal/hr
Belt Skimmer2.0″18.0″1 gal/hr
Disk Skimmer1.0″ X 12.0″4.5″5 gal/hr
Disk Skimmer1.0″ X 18.0″7.05 gal/hr