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5ME has developed specialized formulas and many products to meet the needs of the most difficult cleaning environments with the extensive CYCLO POWER® product line. These specially designed fluids can be used in a wide variety of applications, including cleaning of parts, machines and floors, as well as other general-purpose manufacturing and production cleaning.These exceptional multipurpose industrial cleaners are used primarily with the AUTO-FILL SYSTEM.

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Industrial Machine Cleaners


CYCLO POWER® Machine Cleaners are recommended for cleaning individual machine and central system reservoirs, metalworking fluid lines, premix tanks, machines and parts. It improves rancidity control by removing biofilms, dirt, grit, chip-deposits, insoluble soaps and oils from central systems in hard water areas. The cleaners do not redeposit soil in machines or central systems (the breeding ground for bacteria) and contain corrosion inhibiting ingredients to protect machines and parts (cast iron and steel) from rusting during cleaning.

CYCLO POWER® MC 30 can also be used for general-purpose floor cleaning at 1:100 (1%) to 1:25 (4%) along with power washers, steam cleaners and automated floor scrubbers.

CYCLO POWER® MC50 can be used to rejuvenate used fluid mix at concentration of .5% concentration. CYCLO POWER® MC50 contains special raw materials that raise pH and helps eliminate bacteria and mold.

Industrial Floor Cleaners

CYCLO POWER® Floor Cleaners range from moderate duty pH neutral products designed for ceramic, terrazzo and vinyl floors to heavy duty liquid industrial cleaning compounds formulated for use in mechanical floor scrubbers, mop buckets and as general purpose. The CYCLO POWER® floor cleaning products effectively remove grease, oil and shop dirt from concrete, wood block and terrazzo floors.

CYCLO POWER® Cleaners Features and Benefits

Machine Cleaners

  • Excellent for Central System and Individual Machine Use
  • Excellent at Removing Tenacious Residues

Floor Cleaners

  • Effective at Removing Grease, Oil, and Machine Shop Soil from Concrete
  • Used as a GP Cleaner for Equipment and Machines


CYCLO POWER eCLEAN monitoring utilizes cellular technology to provide remote inventory control and reporting solutions for total process improvement and cleaning procedures with your AUTO-FILL SYSTEM. This technology allows the customer to receive, manage, and forecast inventory more efficiently through scheduled or event driven notifications that are delivered via e-mail.

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