Fully Configurable M2M Production Management Software

There’s nothing more satisfying than steady, high-quality manufacturing output. Any small event along the chain can cause the system to slow down or stop completely. Isolating causes can be time-consuming, elusive, and costly. 5ME’s manufacturing production management software, eWARE®, is a suite of data reporting platforms that provide 24/7 access to utilization, availability, performance, quality, and OEE information from any industrial asset on the plant floor. Customizable views and accessibility from any internet-ready device makes eWARE an extremely versatile manufacturing software solution. eWARE® manufacturing production management software is:

  • Asset Agnostic – Collect Data from Any Asset Without Reprogramming
  • Flexible – Data is Organized Into Configurable Reports for Fast Action
  • Comprehensive – Monitor OEE for Any Machine, Manufacturing Cell, or the Entire Shop Floor
  • Actionable – Identify Opportunities for Productivity Improvements via Machinery Status, Manufacturing Data, & Analytics
  • Accessible – Data Can Be Viewed From Any Device Including Smart Phones & Tablets
  • Lucrative – Payback in the Form of Increased Efficiency Has Been Proven in as Little as a Few Months!