Diagnose Production Issues Now

The eSCOPE diagnostic module of 5ME’s eWARE suite provides detailed machine data visualization and allows user-configurable analysis trigger points for fast evaluation of maintenance needs or diagnoses of problems. The diagnostic software can be installed on almost any CNC machine. Once installed, you have the ability to extract relevant information to other computers, use data to properly plan maintenance tasks, or to diagnose problems. Access to detailed machine data allows you to maximize overall equipment efficiency by reducing the amount of time the machine is down, getting it back into production sooner.

Detailed Machine Diagnostics and Monitoring Utilities

eSCOPE is maintenance-driven and provides in-depth machine diagnostics and monitoring utilities to reduce the time needed for diagnosis and repair, particularly for complex problems. It permits visualization of machine data and allows setting user-configurable trigger points for diagnosing problems. Below are some of the features and benefits of the diagnostic software.

Diagnostic Software Features

  • Stand Alone
  • Complete Visibility of Asset including:
    • Machine Status
    • Alarms
    • Events
  • Intelligent Diagnostic Utilities
    • I/O Status
    • Configurable Chart Recorder to Diagnose Complex Situations
    • Configurable Triggers to Capture I/O Status & Diagnose

Diagnostic Software Benefits

  • Minimizes Mean-Time to Diagnose
  • Visualization of States from Multiple Devices
  • Correlates Machine Data to Time Domain
  • Enables Methodical Troubleshooting
  • Eliminates Need for Auxiliary Test Equipment
  • Standard Tool for Service & Maintenance Across All Assets
  • Reduces Mean-Time to Repair Complex Problems
  • Spare Parts Inventory Reduction
  • Identify High Failure Rate Components
  • Scalable
  • Facilitates Remote Diagnostics