Reduce Energy Usage and Increase Profitability

The eNERGY module of 5ME’s software suite monitors energy consumption from a single machine, a value stream, or your entire shop floor. The system allows you to develop an ideal balance between energy consumption, cycle time, part programs, and tooling.

Monitor & Analyze Energy Consumption

By correlating energy consumption trends related to specific machines, programs and tools, eNERGY can alert your teams of peak usage thresholds. Use data for purposes of shift balancing and cycle optimization by the energy consumption of each value stream and tool.

Energy Software Features

  • Stand alone or Networked
  • Correlation of Energy Consumption to Available Production Conditions
  • Power Usage within a Cycle by Tool
  • Power Consumption Trends
  • Alert Users as Consumption Nears Peak Threshold

Energy Software Benefits

  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Optimize Cycle by Energy Consumption of Tool
  • Advanced Production Scheduling Based on Energy Consumption (Shift balancing)
  • Derive Perfect Balance Between Energy Consumption, Energy Cost, Cycle Time and Tools
  • Reduce Piece Part Costs
  • Reduce Energy Costs