Stop Issues Before They Happen

eMONITOR production health software analyzes and displays data on machine and process health to establish a condition-based maintenance program. Capable of correlating multiple I/O conditions, eMONITOR allows detection of small anomalies before component failure, detects process variation prior to production, and determines whether a component or process is in control or within specified parameters.

Versatile Production Health Software

eMONITOR connects to almost any machine to observe, analyze and display complex conditions related to the health of various mechanical components such as bearings and ballscrews, the effectiveness of the machine and process, and gives you foresight to avoid machine downtime.

Production Health Software Features

  • Monitor Machine Inputs/Outputs
    • Vibration
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Current
    • Fluid Condition
  • Create Correlated Multi-I/O Conditions
  • Stand alone or Networked
  • Configurable to Specific Processes
  • Scalable

Production Planning Software Benefits

  • Detects Anomalies before Failure
  • Algorithmically Determine whether a Component or Process is in a Nominal Condition
  • Rapid Detection of Process Variation Prior to Production of Poor Quality Parts
  • Facilitates Predictive / Proactive Maintenance
  • Reduce Total Cost of Repair
  • Improve Return on Net Assets