Cell Control Software for Modular Manufacturing Systems

eCELL production automation software is designed to control and monitor cells for automated palletized manufacturing systems and parallel part processing. Orchestrating all cell resources and operations provides an easy platform for improving production flows and facilitating “lights-out” operations.

Cell Control for Automated Palletized Manufacturing & Parallel Processing of Parts

By increasing production flow and efficiency, eCELL controls the production activities throughout entire manufacturing cells.

eCELL Production Planning Software Features

  • Automates Manual Operations
    • Material Handling
    • Inspection
  • Manages Production Resources
    • Pallets
    • Tools
    • Programs
    • Machines
    • Fixtures
    • Scheduling

eCELL Production Automation Software Benefits

  • Improves Production Flow / Efficiency
  • Comprehensive Solution for Addressing High Variety of Manufactured Parts
  • Zero Set-Up Time
  • Scalable
  • The Right Resource, At The Right Time, At The Right Place
  • Automatic Load/Line Balancing
  • Optimized Machine Utilization
  • Facilitates “Lights Out” Operation