As previously outlined in, “How Skilled, Satisfied Workers Increase Manufacturing Operational Efficiency and Help Close the Skills Gap,” it’s clear that you need the right people and the right way of thinking for successful manufacturing operations.

The other component of a successful and efficient plant is making sure your floor has the right machine and tooling. This is integral to efficient manufacturing. Improving precision, tool life, and overall performance are critical to manufacturing efficiency and profitability, provides the basis of long cycle times, high output, short setups and downtime, and long operating life.

The same is true for ancillary equipment. For example, suitable workholding systems ensure tools are accurately held for greater precision and increased tool life. The result: a better finish, less processing, and increased cost efficiency. Cryogenic machining is an application specific example; its return on investment is most applicable to machining operations requiring high throughputs, and faster cutting.

5ME has that expertise from its roots as a machine tool builder. Our application engineers can design, implement, and manage optimal systems that encompass every aspect of the machining process. This includes time studies, process design, tooling selection, application programming and support, program installation, process training, and maintenance. Moreover, 5ME has integrated its cryogenic machining technologies and manufacturing software with all of the major control system brands – with little disruption to machine tools, control software, or production.

Download our free 5Ms Infographic to see how the 5Ms can be used to evaluate each process or problem in manufacturing to determine the root cause of inefficiency.