Is Cryogenic Machining the Right Call?

5ME’s Cryogenic Machining Technology (Cryo) is a superb alternative to traditional metal machining fluids. The system is brand agnostic and can be applied to almost any process or machine. This breakthrough technology is ideal for businesses with the following characteristics:

A Need to Increase Throughput – Do you need a solution for making more parts with your existing assets? Or increasing the throughput of the machine you’re about to purchase? Integrating Cryogenic Machining Technology can elevate your operations to the next level of productivity and profitability.

Hard-to-Machine Materials – If your business uses difficult-to-machine materials, such as Hardened / Stainless / Alloy Steels, CGI, Inconel, Titanium, Stellite, or even Green Machining of Aluminum; Cryogenic Machining will reduce cycle times, energy usage, and a number of other factors that affect your bottom line.

A High Volume of Consumables – Are you endlessly replacing tools, coolants, and raw materials only to find you need to order more? Or, are your energy bills climbing each month with no end in sight? Implementing Cryogenic Machining will greatly reduce your tooling, materials, and energy costs.

Committed to Change – Let’s face it, not everyone is ready to embrace the future. If your company is committed to keeping up with the latest technology and reducing your impact on the environment all while saving time and money, Cryogenic Machining is for you.

Applications of Cryogenic Machining

Cryo offers a host of sustainable manufacturing benefits by saving you time, tools, materials, energy, and processing. The patented system can easily be retrofit onto one or many machines on your shop floor. It may not be right for every process or material, but it provides exciting advantages for some difficult-to-machine projects. Download the Cryogenic Systems Product Overview Sheet.

Reducing the Temperature to Increase Efficiency

Some processes are rough on your tools and machines. For these, the extended tool life and faster cutting speeds Cryo can provide makes these manufacturing processes easier on the tools and your bottom line. Cryogenic Machining is highly effective for machining difficult materials like stainless steel and other hard alloys including:

Decrease or Eliminate the Need for Secondary Processes

Our Cryo produces a smoother, more reliable finish than traditional cooling methods. It also leaves behind little residue making it perfect for intricate or sterile workpieces. The liquid nitrogen evaporates on contact with outside air leaving the workpiece clean and sterile. These characteristics mean workpieces can be made from hard materials and composites with faster machining times, a more perfect finish, and little to no clean up or waste compared to traditional coolant methods.