Cryogenic Machining: Superior Metal Cutting Technology

In the past, cryogenic machining was difficult and costly. Methods focused on spraying the liquid nitrogen at the tool or submerging the entire workpiece surface in nitrogen. Spraying the tool required a large high-flow rate. This allowed the nitrogen to mostly evaporate before reaching the cutting surface and ultimately reduced its cooling capacity. These drawbacks made cryogenic machining both costly and nearly impossible to implement for larger products.

Today, 5ME patented Cryogenic Machining Technology utilizes vacuum jacketed feed lines to deliver small flow rates of liquid nitrogen (LN2) through the machine, through the spindle (or turret), and through the tool near the cutting edge. At this point, the LN2 is allowed to evaporate and cool the cutting edge to -321° F. This refrigerated state allows the tool to be pushed beyond its traditional limitations while still increasing its wear resistance against tough-to-machine alloys. The Cryo ControlTM allows programmable LN2 flow rates for each cutting tool type resulting in the most efficient and cost effective machining solution.

Making Difficult-to-Machine Materials Look Easy

Using LN2 cooled to -321° F, Cryo counteracts the heat produced during metalworking. The super-cooled liquid is applied to the cutting edge of a tool and allowed to evaporate, releasing nitrogen, a safe, breathable, non-greenhouse, nonflammable gas. Evaporation of the cryogen eliminates the need to filter and dispose of used coolant while leaving work pieces and chips clean.

Cryogenic Machining reduces metalworking temperature significantly.


Traditional flood coolants have temperatures around +70°F, giving cryogenic machining a -400° advantage in many processes. This significant difference allows increased processing speed and a potential increase to tool life by a factor of 10X in some applications. The superior cooling provides many sustainable benefits including:

  • Reduced Wear on the Cutting Edge
  • Increased Tool Life Up to 10X
  • Increased Processing Speed
  • Less Downtime for Maintenance
  • Clean, Sterile Work Pieces
  • Eliminates Disposal of Used Coolants
  • Environmentally Friendly Byproduct

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