The Evolution of 5ME Cryogenic Machining Technology


In 2003, a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project was initiated by Creare, U.S. Navy, NavAir, and Bell Helicopter to initiate the development and optimization of through-spindle, though-cutting tool liquid nitrogen machining of titanium parts to reduce the cost of manufacturing across the Bell Boeing V22 Osprey Program. In conjunction with 5ME, the technology was demonstrated on a small vertical machining center at IMTS 2010 in the MAG Automotive, LP Booth. Since that time, 5ME™ Cryogenic Cutting Tool and brand agnostic machine platform developments have been undertaken and showcased at imX 2011, EMO 2011, and IMTS 2012. These developments led to a collaborative effort with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to reduce costs throughout the F-35 JSF program. With 5ME Cryogenic Machining Technology.

In addition to the CRP, 5ME is supplying Cryogenic Systems on new and used machines throughout the Aerospace/Defense, Auto/Truck, Energy, Construction/Agriculture, and Medical industries.approved by Lockheed Martin for titanium roughing operations, the technology is now being launched into the F-35 supply chain via a Commercial Readiness Program (CRP) working with Gamma Engineering, DMG / Mori Seiki USA, Creare, and Edare.

Recognition & Awards

Our patented Cryogenic Machining Technology has won the following awards:

  • 2011 MM Award for Innovation
  • 2012 New Equipment Digest King Award
  • 2013 Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award

Entering the Cryo Age…

5ME Cryogenic Machining Technology is already working to make metal cutting more efficient for the following partners and industries.

Cryogenic Machining Partners