Save Time, Tools, and Money with Cryogenic Machining


Metal machining produces extreme temperatures that are the primary cause of tool failure. Traditional coolants are used to dissipate this heat and combat tooling wear. However, conventional coolants have many drawbacks from workpiece contamination to environmental hazards, and high disposal costs. 5ME’s patented cryogenic machining system provides many benefits over conventional coolants.

Increased Processing Speed

Cryogenic machining allows you to cut more parts in the same amount of time with the same machine. Since our tools have been designed to work with any machine, there’s no need to invest in additional equipment to increase your productivity. Instead, with minimal investment, you increase processing speed and consequently, the number of parts machined. More parts means more sales. And more sales means more profits for your business.

Decreased Tool Wear

By retrofitting your existing machines with our cryogenic system, you’ll get tools that last longer allowing for decreased direct costs hitting each part. Not only that, but you’ll also have less downtime due to frequently changing out worn tools.


Surface Integrity and Part Quality

Test results have shown that our unique cryogenic machining soluition has improved overall suface integrity and part quality in the following areas:

  • Reduction of the White Layer / Alpha Layer
  • Reduction of Residual Stress
  • Reduction in Burr Formation
  • Reduction of Surface Distortion (Grain Boundary Distortion)

Environmentally-Friendly Green Manufacturing

Cryogenic Machining is a method of Green Sustainable Manufacturing

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of cryogenic machining, is how easy it is on the environment, both locally on the shop floor, and globally in waste management systems. Since the system cuts without coolant, there is no need for mist collection, filtration, or disposal of coolant waste. Energy consumption is lower without coolant fans, pumps, and drives. In addition, chips and workpieces remain dry and uncontaminated for a safer work area and easier recycling.

No More Hazardous Coolants

Forget safety and health related issues associated with traditional coolants. Since liquid nitrogen evaporates as soon as it touches the air, there is no contamination of the work environment in the form of fumes and slippery surfaces.

Lower Overhead

Traditional coolants require pumps and filters which increase energy consumption. Disposal of these coolants is costly and time-consuming. And with coolants, the chips from metal removal are wet, which complicates evacuation from the machine and typically requires draining, rinsing, and sometimes decontamination before reclamation. With cryogenic machining, workpieces and scrap metal are clean allowing for easier production, clean up, and recycling.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Cryogenic machining is a huge leap forward in green manufacturing. Compared to conventional wet machining solutions which negatively impact our environment in their production, use, and disposal when liquid nitrogen touches the air, it evaporates, leaving only Nitrogen, an inert, non-greenhouse gas which makes up 78% of the air we breathe.