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An Easy Answer to Difficult Materials

Download our guide.

5ME’s multi-patented Cryogenic Machining is revolutionizing how difficult-to-machine materials are cut. Download our indispensable guide to find out more.


Run Smarter With 5ME

The world has changed. And so has your business. It's not enough to just cut metal anymore; you've got to cut it smarter, faster, and more efficiently. You've got to think. You've got to adapt. And you've got to act. Because the truth is, slow and steady just doesn't win the race anymore.

In today's hyper-competitive global environment, it's not enough to walk the walk – you've got to RUN.

5ME provides the technology, tools, software, and insights you need to get your operations running smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Regardless of the brands you run, we can help you get more from the shop floor.

Continue reading to learn more about 5ME or contact a manufacturing efficiency expert today.


Highly Skilled People Make Great Products


Choose your Materials Wisely


Maximize your Machining Performance


Implement a Lean, Efficient Production Environment


Measure, Manage, Optimize, Increase Profitability
 Cryogenic Machining5ME's Cryogenic Machining Technology (Cryo) uses through-tool liquid nitrogen delivery to mitigate the heat produced during metal cutting. Cryo offers many benefits over conventional coolants in efficiency and environmental friendliness. Useful for difficult-to-machine materials, Cryo boasts an incredible -400° cooling advantage which increases tool life and shortens processing time. Cryogenic Machining can be retrofit to almost and machine or process.
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 Manufacturing Software5ME's eWARE is a suite of production monitoring and data reporting platforms that help you monitor the productivity of your plant from the shop floor to the top floor. The software is asset agnostic, flexible, comprehensive, actionable, accessible, and lucrative. Implementing eWARE will give you access to data across your manufacturing systems available from any internet-ready device through customizable reports.
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  Manufacturing Solutions

In order to survive in today's on-demand atmoshphere, you're manufacturing machines must be continually monitored for optimal performace. With productivity solutions from 5ME, you'll have access to the most efficient tools and tool management systems available. From coolants to workholding fixtures, to cutting and turning tools, we've got the supplies and services you need to maintain the highest level of efficiency.

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