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Manufactured Efficiency Solutions Designed by Experts


Run Smarter With 5ME

The world has changed. And so has your business. It's not enough to just cut metal anymore; you've got to cut it smarter, faster, and more efficiently. You've got to think. You've got to adapt. And you've got to act. Because the truth is, slow and steady just doesn't win the race anymore.

In today's hyper-competitive global environment, it's not enough to walk the walk – you've got to RUN.

5ME provides the technology, tools, software, and insights you need to get your operations running smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Regardless of the brands you run, we can help you get more from the shop floor.

Continue reading to learn more about 5ME or contact a manufacturing efficiency expert today.


Highly Skilled People Make Great Products


Choose your Materials Wisely


Maximize your Machining Performance


Efficient Methods Increase Profitability


Measure, Manage, Optimize